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Surgery and selling houses: why they have more in common than you think

Think surgery and property selling are worlds apart? Think again. There are some surprising similarities between choosing a surgeon and choosing how to sell your house. Not convinced? Read on.

Questions, questions

Let’s say you’ve been told you need surgery. After the obvious telling your family, lining up a hospital and all the rest – you’ll want to meet your surgeon. And it’s likely you’re going to have a lot of questions.

  • What’s their success rate?
  • Have they done hundred of operations just like yours, or are they newly qualified?
  • What risks are involved and how are they heightened by this particular surgeon?
  • What qualifications do they have?
  • What’s the recovery time?

You’d never go ahead with an operation without reassurance it will go to plan and be carried out by an expert. Experience is everything when it comes to surgery, so why is it any different for selling houses?

Double standard

How often have you asked your estate agent the same questions you’d ask a surgeon? Wouldn’t it be best to know how many properties your agent has sold, how many sales they’ve handled, what risks they envisage with your particular sale?

Don’t you want to know how long they’ve been in the game and what their success rate is? How near to prices they can achieve, how many days it takes them to secure a buyer and the average sale agreed to exchange success rate – and time frame?

What are you afraid of?

Usually the questions on sellers’ lips are all about fees, valuations and prestige. No wonder ¾ of the population don’t trust estate agents – they’re not doing their research. Analysing the risks and benefits of a particular agent could be the difference between selling your house fast and not at all.

You need next to no qualifications to become an estate agent. So while they are good ones out there, the vast majority of agents you meet has probably not got the credentials you’re after. Handling a sale smoothly and negotiating the best outcome for you demands skill, commitment and experience.

Not £450 and an advert on Rightmove.

Choose an expert

If it sounds to be good to be true then it probably is. Nothing comes for free in this world. They might be cliches, but they ring true in the world of property.

When you need to sell your house, fast or not, you need to call in the big guns. Choose a seller that’s got credentials coming out of their ears; that employees chartered surveyors to carry out valuations and surveys; that is the UK’s number one property cash buyer.

We can give you a free, no obligation quote today. With more than 90 years of experience between us, our team has the skills and expertise needed to sell your house fast, no matter what your circumstances.

So don’t risk your health or your home – use an expert.  Use Private Property Buyers.

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