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Just do it: create a brand for your house to sell it faster

The Nike swoosh. Three’s dancing pony. Adidas’s three stripes. All carry their company’s message and ethos in one neat little package. And strong brands stick in your minds.

So why not make one for your house? The more defined your house’s brand, the more likely it is to attract potential buyers.

What’s your mood?

Think about how you want your house to feel when someone new walks through the door. Are you going for cool, calm minimalist? Perhaps you’re more cosy, vibrant and brightly colored? Does the vibe you’ve created suit the design of your house?

Choose lighting carefully to emphasis the mood, and consider playing background music during viewings to set the tone.

Choose your shade

The colors you choose to paint your house should reflect the building. Throwing bright, modern shades on the walls of a Victorian townhouse might not be quite on brand – select a muted palette of natural, period colors instead. And if you don’t have time to paint because you need to sell your house fast, just make sure your colors work together – bold clashing prints might not fit the regency style of your building. So go easy on the accessories.

The soft touch

Which brings us nicely to furnishings. Fan of polished chrome, glass and leather? Great – does it suit the brand of your house? Is everything else clean lines or will bold pieces like this jar against other things you’ve chosen?

Squashy sofas and snuggly rugs will create a cosy feel in any home, but make sure the furniture fits your rooms. And in the bedroom, think about your bed. Is it a Japanese-style, low key futon or a big four-poster with room for all the kids? Think about what kind of lifestyle you’re selling here.

Bits and pieces

Ornaments, books, throws and cushions: think of these things as the jewellery of your house. What have you got on the coffee table? Are you a glass vase lover or do you prefer mid-century wooden planters? All white everything can be calming or look cold, while rows of vibrant paintings in jumbles of colours can make it look warm and welcoming – or a hot mess.

Don’t be a mug

You can learn a lot about a person (and a home!) from their mug collection. If they’re all mismatched colours and shapes, it probably means your approach to home decor is fairly relaxed making your house seem casual and comfy. Use a china tea set, or have matching sets and your reserved style will no doubt be evident throughout the place.

The outside counts

Although you can’t always control what’s going on outside your home, they will affect the brand of your house. Is yours the only new build on a street of period properties? Then you’ll need to work harder on the wow factor. A tree-lined approach to a beautiful detached home will add instant kerb appeal while a long muddy track will feel right for a farm.

Brand bible

All these pieces need to fit together to make your brand work. One out of place piece of furniture or ill-chosen painting can throw the whole thing off. Owning your brand completely and sticking to the rules you make will make your home seem authentic – and help you sell your house fast.

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