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Facebook friendly? Use social media to sell your house fast

Are you the master of the perfect selfie? Hundreds of followers waiting for your next Insta post? Get ready to snap your way to a fast house sale.

Hurry things along

If your home’s been sat on the shelf for a little while, advertising it on social media is a great way to drum up some interest. Follow our guidelines and you could be reaching your target audience in mere hours.

Research first

Have a look at your main social media channels to see if anyone else in your area is doing the same thing. See if you can find any success stories and get in touch: ask them questions about how they did it; suss out the potential of using social media and get the lowdown on what works best in your area.

Dedicated marketing

Don’t advertise on your own personal pages: set up a separate account on your chosen channels. Facebook works really well as you can provide comprehensive information, plenty of photographs and chat instantly to any interested buyers. It’s easy for friends to share your posts.

Twitter or Instagram may have a better reach – avoid the temptation to pile on the photo filters though, you don’t want to get people interested who aren’t serious buyers. Make sure your page is visually pleasing and easy to find – think about what you’d want to know first if you were buying.

Show your best side

If you can, invest in professional photos – it’ll make your rooms seem bigger and brighter and show things off in the best way. De clutter, clean and make rooms seem homely with well placed lighting and fresh flowers.

Create intrigue: consider doing a walk through of your house, ‘Through the Keyhole’ style. And make it easy for potential buyers to find what they’re looking for with detailed descriptions of your home’s benefits. Is it close to good schools? Near transport links?

Get it out there

Start sharing as soon a possible. Get your friends sharing it. Widen your network as far as possible – do you have a website you could share it on? Link to it. And search on Facebook and Twitter for people looking for property and get in touch with them.

Stay engaged

Fingers crossed the likes, retweets and messages start rolling in. When they do, make sure you’re on top of it – interacting with potential buyers will help stimulate and maintain interest. Check daily or you risk losing a lead.

The future of fast sales?

It’s likely that the property market is going to embrace the social media machine in years to come, so it’s worth giving your home a helping hand by advertising it yourself. But if you really want to sell your house fast, you need a cash property buyer like us. We’ll give you an instant, free, no-obligation cash offer that’s up to 100% of the market value of your home.

Give us a call and start your stress free quick house sale.

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